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How do you compete with the tropical heat? With a compote full of tropical treats, that’s how! This week’s recipe is full of tropical splendor that is sure to heat up your week and put you in the mood for salsa under the stars.

The base for the recipe all started with the bouquet tropical salsa (42981), the beauty of using a tropical bouquet as the base is it has the majority of your basics covered. The salsa bouquet includes; 3 red ginger, 2 orange heliconia, ti leaves, tepe leaves, and dracaena spikes. To accentuate the tropical bouquet base, birds of paradise (29985) and psittacorum (10195) were added to add a more uniquely defined focal point in conjunction with red pincushion protea (42636) and peach anthurium (34083). To create a feeling of depth, orange sunset glory roses (40446) were tucked in deep into the arrangement. To finish the design and pull all the colors together an assortment of exotic orchids was added to help provide a bridge to create a cohesive piece, mini red cymbidiums (32505), orange Mokara (46366), red James Storei (10110), and Oncidium golden shower (10174) rounded out the list of exotic orchid specimens. The vessel is always just as important as the flower selection since it is the stage our flowers dance on, this week we used the HHC Abby compote 8.5” in black (S25558). This is a durable compote made of sturdy plastic that lends itself to a lot of design styles and aesthetics, for this design it was left black but they take paint extremely well which makes your design possibilities endless.

Get your sunglasses ready because this week’s recipe is sure to shine like the tropical sun.

View ingredients below:

Bouquet Tropical Salsa – 42981
Anthurium Peach Medium – 34083
Bird of Paradise Premium – 29985
Dendrobium James Storei – 10110
Dendrobium Org MOK Trop 5stL/X – 46366
Oncidium Golden Shower – 10174
Pincushion Red Ayoba 40CM – 42636
Psittacorum Fire Opal – 10195
Compote Abby Bla 5.75in8.5oHHC – S25558
Rose Org Sunset Glory 50cm DVF – 40446

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