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Create the Ultimate Rose Filled Wedding

Together with David Austin we are excited to invite you to participate in an exclusive promotional campaign: “A David Austin Wedding”

Not just for bouquets and small arrangements, we encourage you to use these luxury roses on a much bigger scale and create the
ultimate impact using 504 or more of these exquisite blooms.

To incentivize participation, we have created a special volume offer – order 504 or more roses to benefit from a special price.
All we ask in return is that you use these roses in one wedding or event only.

Special Wholesale Price

$2.85 per stem
Minimum Order 504 roses for one event

Choose from 4 Color Packages

With your bridal client, choose one of four color palettes. Each option has a lead rose with supporting varieties. Any change due to unforeseen circumstances will be informed prior to dispatch.

Lead Rose: a minimum of 252 stems
Supporting Roses: a mix of 2 or 3 varieties; a minimum of 72 stems of each

A Guide to Rose Quantities

David Austin Roses deliver impact!

Here is our guide to the quantity of David Austin Roses used in different floral arrangements throughout a wedding.

How to Order Through DVFlora

 1.  Choose one of four color palettes.
Each David Austin Wedding Pack
contains 504 stems.

2.  Complete the order form below.

3.  Order well in advance – a minimum
of 4
weeks prior to your required
delivery date.
Limited quantities available each week.

Top Tip
As a guide, David Austin recommends delivery of the roses four days before your event.
On arrival, cut stems and rehydrate the roses with flower food in the coolest place
possible for 6 hours or so. Then remove all packaging and allow time for your roses to
open – this will take between two to four days.

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