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Storm clouds are gathering with this week’s recipe, pulling inspiration from the wonders of nature we put together a mix of silky silvers with moody blues and lavenders to pull inspiration out of a dreary day. With a bed of silver greenery to represent the clouds lavender tones of hydrangea, roses and Scabiosa peek through to provide an impression of the bright sky. To bridge together the two arrangements kiwi vine was utilized to give the illusion of cracks of lightning  between the clouds. With so much beauty in nature we can’t help but swoon over this stormy day recipe.

SpRose Lav Silver Mikado 50cm – 64145
Eucalyptus Silver Dollar – G1048
Branch Kiwi Vine – 28262
Scabiosa Lavender Scoop – 36417
Clematis White Pod – 57796
Tweedia White – 26899
Herb Bay Leaf – 25223
Delph White-Royal 60cm Vflor – 36374
Hydrangea Lavender Elite 50cm – 43550
Rose Lav Amnesia 50cm – 48118
Pot Slate 5.75in w/5.25in op – S7554
Eucalyptus Baby Blue – G1036
Kochia Israel/Dutch – 25215

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