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Your step by step guide

to gluing the perfect prom corsage!

Prom season is upon us, and we’ve put together a quick tutorial on gluing prom corsages that you cannot miss! Follow along in the video below as Corey gives you detailed instructions, along with some really great tips and tricks to help you save a lot of time this prom season!

Below the video is a written step-by-step tutorial, complete with photos and a link to shop the items Corey uses in his tutorial. Enjoy!

The video will open and play within this page.

  • Take your wristlet band (S3376 or s33761) and bend in the 4 metal prongs to make an elongated design space.
  • Take 4 silk ivy leaves (S26145) and cut the wire stems off at the base of the leaf.
  • Imagine the wristlet is a compass, using Oasis Floral Adhesive (S3083), glue 1 leaf in the north position followed by gluing your second leaf in the south position.
  • Glue your third and fourth leaves in the east and west position so that the bases of both leaves meet in the middle.
  • Construct a bow using ribbon, tulle, or a combination of the 2 and adhere it to the center of your silk leaf base.
  • Glue in fresh greens like Ming Fern (G1076) or Ruscus Italian Tips (G1108) and fillers like Waxflower (35309) to provide your corsage with shape, texture, and added structure.
  • Cut the heads of your flowers, in this case Yellow Babe spray roses (30254), off of their stems at the base of each flower head to create a flat even surface to add glue to.
  • Apply glue to the base of your flower head and place in desired position, repeat this step until desired style is achieved.
  • Insert desired design accents such as; rhinestones (S9397), metal leaves (S30272), pearls (S25141), feathers (S20775), etc.
  • Fill in gaps and holes with filler until desired fullness is achieved.
  • Allow glue to set for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Mist corsage with a flower finishing spray such as Crowning Glory (S18919) or Finishing Touch (S6716).
  • Place corsage in cooler.
  • Relax! You’re finished!

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