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We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our DVFleet – this eye-catching new delivery truck proudly showcases the popular “That Flower Feeling” marketing initiative championed by the CalFlowers Association. We like to consider it a mobile masterpiece that will definitely turn heads and spread positivity wherever it goes!

Embracing "That Flower Feeling"

At the heart of the marketing campaign is a simple yet powerful message: the transformative impact of nature’s beauty on our mental well-being. “That Flower Feeling” encapsulates the joy, rejuvenation, and sense of wonder that blooms within us when we connect with the natural world. It’s an invitation to pause, appreciate, and let the enchantment of flowers brighten our days, with the goal of getting more people to simply enjoy flowers.

The Blossoming of DVFleet

In our pursuit to support this message to a wider audience, we’ve adorned our newest DVFleet Truck with an exquisite wrap that vividly embodies the spirit of “That Flower Feeling.” The design is a harmonious blend of vibrant blooms, soothing colors, and dynamic imagery, making it an irresistible visual feast for anyone who encounters it on the road. This specific vehicle will be traveling to floral shops along the New Jersey shore points on a daily basis.

Key Features of the DVFleet Truck Wrap

Captivating Visuals
The wrap combines nature’s beauty, with meticulously crafted illustrations of diverse flowers that evoke a sense of wonder and serenity, and a calming message, reminding the audience to practice self-care. The graphics have been designed with utmost care to ensure that the essence of “That Flower Feeling” is conveyed effortlessly.

Mobile Marketing Marvel
With the DVFleet Truck traversing various routes and regions, the message of “That Flower Feeling” will reach an expansive and diverse audience. This mobile marketing approach brings the campaign directly to the streets, forging a direct connection with communities and potential flower consumers.

As our DVFleet truck embarks on its journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating “That Flower Feeling.” Visit to find out how you can join the fun and help spread the message!

Let’s come together to spread positivity, appreciation for nature, and the transformative power of #ThatFlowerFeeling!


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