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Over the course of the next 4 weeks we will be featuring a series on 4 Ecuadorian rose growers. While these farms are not new to the industry, and it’s likely you have heard of them before, they are new to our Cream of the Crop Standing Order program. So we thought it would be great to introduce each of them, while offering weekly promotions at a special price so you can try them out.

The first farm to be featured in Part 1 of our series is Qualisa Flowers. They have been producing high-quality cut flowers since 1992 and are located in the Cayambe Valley of Ecuador. This region sits 2,850 meters above sea level, which provides optimal weather conditions for growing roses.

They produce 120 different varieties of roses under 60 hectares of greenhouse space, with a focus on longer stems, intense color and healthy foliage. Qualisa is also proud to be FairTrade certified and displays a commitment to their employees through medical care and assistance, financial services, and child care among many other benefits.

For customer delivery the week of August 15th, we are offering a “SPECIAL CREAM OF THE CROP PREVIEW” featuring an assorted 50cm rose box from Qualisa at a promotional price. You can find these by shopping online or contacting your DV sales associates.


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