When you think about fall, tulips may not be the first flower that comes to mind but with tulip production gaining steam there has never been a better time to jump in and add a splash of fall color with the exceptional beauty of a tulip. Contrary to common belief, tulips are available virtually year round and as we get into the cooler fall and winter months tulip production really picks up. Tulips offer a wide range of color options and variations to help accent the ultimate fall design; from pops of yellow and orange to a nice accent of purple or lavender, tulips lend their charisma and unique growing habits to your everyday fall styles. Tulips are an extremely versatile bloom, they can be left on their own in a vase or you can mix them into a nice assortment of seasonal flowers, either way they are able to command and maintain the attention of the viewer.

Tulips are an amazing little flower, they can transition from high-end chic to everyday elegance and they still remain stunningly beautiful. I adore showcasing a vase of nothing but tulips; keeping it monochromatic or mixing up the colors depends completely on the event or the occasion, but after a day or so when the tulips take on a life of their own and start to grow wild, it gives you a feel of organized chaos that is unparalleled by any other flower variety.

A tulip’s whimsical charm is one of its greatest attributes; their unmistakable waxy leaves give way to their richly colored blooms that maintain their unique waxy texture. When a tulip opens it is a beautiful sight to see, their large rounded petals open to expose a delicate stamen and anthers with yellow or brown pollen. When the tulip is completely open it allows you to see all the rich color variations that each petal possesses, it is not uncommon to see several shades of a single color on just one petal, it is exquisite details like this that really help people fall head over heels in love with tulips. With so many positive attributes it is easy to see why tulips are beloved the world over and no matter the time of year they are sure to bring a smile to you and your clients faces.

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